Passion and Quality


Jack’s Dumps Side

fish and shrimps puree molded in crispy pastry

Kaldi’s Farm Side

rice croquette served with piquante sauce

Jack’s Shrimp Delight

shrimp cocktail in cabbage salad and celery curls


Jack Signature Salad

traditional salad served with lemon dressing

Kaldi Beets and Pumps

marinated beetroots, soften cubed pumpkins, baked black olives, herbed cherry mozzarella, and balsamic dressing

Jack’s Steak Mango Salad

a choice of donness in steak, with Thai fusion mango dressing

Tostado Mexicano

a touch of Mexican taste salad served with tahini dressing


Kaldi’s Everyday Sandwich

creamy smoked chicken, marinated pears and smoked brie cheese, served with honey mustard

Jack’s No Mayo Tuna

our very own tuna fillings with a touch of tapenade

Kaldi’s Pork Pao

chinese steamed buns with pork slider

Jack’s Street Burger

jack’s original burger patties, buns and barbecue sauce

Kaldi’s Origami Cracker

Pork katsu with touch of sesame mustard


Fisherman’s Wharf

pasta served with fantastic seafood marinara sauce

Kaldi’s Chicken Champs

chicken bolognaise served in tagliatelle pasta

Jack’s Style Carbonara

spaghetti pasta served with mushroom, pancetta, and shrimps

Jack’s Pasta Italiano

aglio olio style served with anchovies, capers, sundried tomato and dried fish


Mango Panna Cotta

cream jelly with mango puree glazed

Crème Brulee

homemade custard served with red and green apples, kiwi and caramelized sugar


alternative chocolate fountain with assorted breads and seasonal fruits


Jack’s Breakfast

traditional Aussie style breakfast, a choice of egg, brioche bread, potato, grilled tomato, pork bacon, homemade sausage and salad

Kaldi’s Egg and Mushroom

sautéed mushroom and soft scrambled eggs with side of potato and salad

Jack’s Egg Benz

poached egg with hollandaise sauce served with brioche bread and salad

Kaldi’s Bacon and Egg

traditional breakfast served with bacon, brioche bread, potato, and salad

Jack’s Style Omellette

eggomellette with brioche bread, shredded cheddar cheese, parmesan, and grilled tomato


JMK Kiddie Pancakes

hotcake with side of caramelized banana and seasonal fruits, toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream

JMK Suzette Crepe

Crepes served with caramelized banana, green apple, and vanilla ice cream

JMK French Toast

Brioche bread coated with egg mixture, served with blueberry compote and ice cream