Our Story

Jack Meets Kaldi Specialty Coffee

Who is Jack? And who is Kaldi? And what is Specialty Coffee?

Jack meets Kaldi is a Specialty Café tribute to the late father of its founder. Raul, is a loving father and a passionate person who showed hard work and enthusiasm to his colleagues, friends, and family. Loving to learn almost everything that surrounds him, the reason why he was then called Jack of all trade. He was the first one who loved coffee in the family, music, and art that he passed and adapted by his children.

Kaldi, was a legendary Ethiopian goat herd who discovered the coffee plant. According to the myth, he noticed when his flock became energetic when they nibbled on the cherries of an unknown shrub. He then chewed the fruit himself. His excitement pushed him to bring the cherries to an Islamic monastery, the monks had disapproved its use and threw them into fire, from which they smell an enticing aroma.

Specialty Coffee, a term which first used by the living legend Erna Knutsen in 1974 to describe beans of the best flavors which are produced in a special microclimates. Coffee seeds which gained a score of 80 points or above from a 100 points scale are graded as Specialty. Specialty coffees are grown in an ideal climates, and are distinctive because of their full cup taste and little to no defects. The distinct flavors and tastes are result of the special characteristics and composition of the soils in which they are produced.

Jack Meets Kaldi is a passion project, providing top of the industry standards and exceptional coffee selections. Together with Latte Art Philippines, our mission is to create awareness, support, to build a community as one specialty baristas, enthusiasts, and professionals to have the best possible events and promotion that will benefit our local specialty coffee industry.

The Company was started late 2014, when three passionate individuals sparked with great ideas and with the same goal. With almost a year, Jack Meets Kaldi was built to cater carrying international standards and exceptional hospitality.