Specialty Barista

He was known for being a silent person. Does nice cuppas and proudly bagged Silver on the Aeropress Nationals twice in a row, award winning in Barista competitions and very passionate on his works. He always share his knowledge and his journey in coffee as well as handling the bar.

I enter and started my career in coffee, back in 2010. I was a graduating student that time and I have met this lady named Vanessa Caceres. A barista, a coffee geek and my mentor who introduce to me what a professional barista means. She also motivates me to join in events and competitions which help me to develop more of my skills, showcase my passion and also to meet more barista, roasters, owners and everyone who’s in the coffee industry.

I remember that I’m not really a coffee person before. But who knows that it will be my life and passion. I started from zero knowledge; I just help and motivate myself to study more and never stop learning. From there I gained something that I can be proud of, a skilled barista and a coffee guy.

If I would describe my life and personality in coffee, I would be a taste profile that is sweet, complex and well-balanced.