Specialty Barista

A well dedicated on his craft and a cool personality, that’s what Kenneth is. Renowned by his mad skills in Latte Art and had been to finals for the National Latte Art Competition, he also got bronze in the 2015 National Aeropress Championships.

I have worked as a waiter on a restaurant before and I am very passionate in food service. After that, I still can’t see myself excel on that field so I decided to change my career and find another opportunity. One day going to an employment agency, I ask if there is any possible slot for a different job posting. That immediately offered me to work in a hotel or to become a Barista.

I choose to become a Barista because of my dream to work inside the bar. I loved and drink coffee everyday. Before I started on this industry, I don’t have any idea or knowledge about what it is. My curiosity started and wanted to learn more about the craft. It benefits me in a way I taste a lot of different coffee and found that coffee is almost my life.

Because of latte art, most of the baristas became passionate because of the art. It also changed my life and personality, my style and my attitude.