Specialty Barista

Having the ability to learn things and adopt it on her daily routine, she shows a lot of enthusiasm to coffee that turns her to be more passionate on the craft. Being new to specialty coffee, she took the chance to be trained and gain knowledge and be skilled that something she can be proud of.

I have been to different industry and met a lot of people with different culture and beliefs. Since I’ve finished Hotel and Restaurant Management, I experienced to serve and show my hospitality to the guests and have decided to look for a job that will fit my degree and qualifications, which can bring out what I really love to do.

Being a Barista is what brings me here, but before that, I did go through the obstacles to learn a lot of information about coffee. It’s quite confusing at first but from time to time, I was able to absorb all those knowledge and applied to my everyday routine

While looking at my colleagues doing their signature latte art, It eagers me to do the same, this is were I found myself to showcase my uniqueness, my enthusiasm and my passion about coffee.